Monday, August 31, 2015

Brush the Dust Off

So much has changed in our lives lately and all for the good.  The only bad would be me falling off the fitness wagon.  Things have got to change for me.  I need this outlet back.  A place for putting my thoughts and feelings down.  So I am dusting off the old blog and starting a new.

We recently have begun a healthy food lifestyle and for the most part it has been really yummy.  We still have some ways to go but everyone is on board.  Lots more whole foods, grass fed meats, lots more water, and we cut out a BUNCH of processed foods.  That last one is the hardest.  We live in a society where we are busier than ever.  It is easy to put a meal on the table when most of it is already prepared and all I have to do is heat it up.  But that is adding sugars to our lives that we just don't need.  So instead I am preparing food from scratch.

I am going to need help with this journey because it isn't an easy habit to change.  Keep thinking about me and sending me positive vibes.

Still need to get my butt moving on the exercise front but for now, walking is all I can seem to be able to do.  I would like to get on my bike.  I would like to maybe join a gym, but I am still working out the logistics of work, school, gymnastics and football.  Let's see where I can fit it in. ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Do you suppose that one can get ready for a big ride 4 months away when said rider hasn't been on her bike in about 5 weeks?  Due to changes to schedules, summer time, and at times pure laziness I have been off my wheels for too long.  I had made a goal of completing the Horrible Hundred in November and I am scared that I will not be able to do this!

I guess that the only way to find out is to get on my bike and go.  Train hard and keep in mind that I can complete anything that I put my mind too.  I must find a way to train during the week on the road between now and the beginning of school.  Only 5 weeks left.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As I have admitted in a past blog post (Addicted to Food), I am addicted to food.  I love it.  I think about it all the time.  I get excited about the thought of my favorite meal.  All our celebrations revolve around what we are going to eat.  Which has been the main reason for my struggles with my weight.

Recently hubby and I watched the documentary Fork Over Knives.  Great film!  It was chock full of great information and openned our eyes even that much wider that the foods that we are eating may be the reason that we, as a society, are so sick.  I decided that we are going to change things in my house.  Even if it takes a while to accomplish, the end results are going to mean a happier and healthier family.  We will be eating a lot less animal proteins and a lot more whole foods.  Plant protein, whole grains, less refined sugar, and less oil.  It is gong to be a huge change for all of us I just hope that I can make the transition easy enough for the kiddos that they don't rebel!  Wish me luck.

I had an amazing lunch today full of new foods that I have been wanting to sample.  I was very much pleasently surprised how delicious it all was and how full I was when I left the luncheon.  It has been 2 hours and I am still full.  This is a good thing and I cannot even tell you the last time that this happened!  Lunch  was full of veggie proteins, whole grains, oils from nuts and seeds only, no refined sugar and I loved it.  I have a new shopping list to include most of these foods.  I cannot wait to pick up some date sugar and quinoa at the store.  That is where we start. 

The down fall of this incredible lunch is that I am unable to log it into my online food diary.  I don't even know where to start to figure out how many calories were in the quinoa salad or the sauted veggie salad.  If this is the only downfall of this new and healthier lifestyle I will take it!  I feel better and that is what really matters.  Thank you Whole Foods for an amazing lunch time lesson.  I learned so much that I cannot wait to share with my family and friends.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I need goals.  I work so much better when I have a deadline to keep me honest.  A countdown in my face constantly reminding me that I need to keep it up.  I need something to work towards and I think that I have found one.  This is a huge one though.  It will require a bunch of training and work but I have a year to work towards it.

I want to do the Cross Florida next year.  170 miles in one day.  More than 8 hours in the saddle.

Is this too big a goal?!  I don't think so.  I have given myself 12 months to work towards it.  I can do this. :)  Who is with me??