Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

I know that I am a couple of days early but I have to start now!  I am looking for a new goal.  A new challenge to keep my heading in the right direction with my weight loss and fitness goals.  Last year with the the Assault on Sugarloaf this year..... Three Gap maybe?  I am not sure.  Maybe even a century ride.  I feel lost without having a goal to work towards.  I will take suggestions.

On the weight loss side I have accepted a challenge with a group of friends to do a biggest loser challenge.  I am going to win this one!  Watch out girls.  I want to lose another 25/30 pounds this year.  Then I know that I will be one healthy and sexy momma!  LOL  I have already started throwing away the junk food in the house from the holidays and buying the healthier items again.  Looking forward to the loss in weight.  I am happy to report that throughout the holidays I have not gained any of the weight back that I had lost but I know that I have a long journey ahead of me.

So this weekend I will be buying new batteries for my scale that I can document my journey.  I will also be taking some more before and after pictures.  Here I come 2011!

Wish my luck.

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