Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday night

It is Sunday night the kids are in bed, Shooter on the TV, watching with the hubby.  It is a perfect night.  Getting ready to start my week off on the right foot.

Tonight we bought new batteries for the bathroom scale and after some small repairs made my Paul it finally work again. :)  I love my Mr. Fixit.  Not loving my weight, 194.  Gained back some weight people.  Thanks to the Holidays, overeating, and not enough exercise.  Things will change and they began today.

I refuse to make New Years Resolutions but I will make 2011 Fitness Goals. 

#1 lose 30 lbs (if not more)  but we will start hear
#2 riding goals, complete 3 Gap in September and the century ride at either the Boys and Girls club ride or the Horrible Hundred (depending on the weather!) LOL  Momma doesn't like riding in the cold.... brrrr.
#3 fitness goals, complete 5 pull ups/chin ups.  I have NEVER been able to those even back in middle school.

So here we go.  See you all on the road and in the gym.  Going to Yoga tomorrow.  Should be interesting!


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