Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Thank goodness that means that the week is almost over.  I need my weekends just to recoup.  I know that most people do.

Feeling really off today.  My tummy is very upset and I have this ever annoying metallic taste in my mouth.  I woke up this morning feeling this way.  Very weird.  It isn't going to stop me from completing my workout at the gym during lunch time.  I need a good hardcore cardio workout today.  I slacked off yesterday so there is no such thing as slacking off today.

On a positive note I completed my medical testing yesterday.  I had an EEG to see if I had a brain and the good news is that I do.  It took over an hour to complete the test but the good thing is that I got to take a nap while doing it.  BONUS  It was severely needed.  In order to get ready for the testing you have to abstain from caffeine and you have to get little to no sleep the night before.  As hard as it was I completed both of those.

Now I just wait for my follow up with the cardiologist and my primary then I can be 100% that there isn't anything wrong with me.  Which of course I am not worried about anyway.

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