Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday morning blues

Today is weight in day and this morning I weighed 1.1 lbs more than I did last Monday.  Spectacular right?!  I know that I worked hard last week and I ate really good but apparently I put my body in a state of shock?  I am really bummed.  This isn't the way that I wanted to start my new year out.  I guess that I will just have to work harder at it. 

January 3rd 2011
January 10th 2011

Normally I think that I would just give up and have a huge breakfast because what I was doing last week apparently isn't helping but I am bound and determined to have a nice weight loss next week.

I brought all my snacks today and my gym clothes.  I will be at the gym all week (like last week) but maybe I will have to add more cardio since I am not on the bike as much as I was the last time that I did this program.

This weekends activites restricted my working out to walking.  I did a lot of walking but nothing much else.

Oh well this blog is getting wordy so I will stop here. ;)


  1. annie, i am SO proud of you! yes, i've been cyber-stalking you on your blog! i'm jealous of all your hard work and effort - you're doing wonderfully! i HAD to write today because you have to know, and i know this from experience, yes a bit of a weight gain THIS week but i swear, next week i'm sure you'll drop even more! the body fluctuates like that, totally infuriating but totally normal! don't sweat it! it was more than likely nothing you did! just keep at week will be much more different! again, super proud of you!!!! kate (in case you don't remember me, kristina's friend :-))

  2. You have been doing AWESOME with this challenge. It's very unfair for the scale to not reward you accordingly. Sometimes this process is longer term than we want it to be.

    I have to admit I'm avoiding the scale for a couple hours because I can tell I'm PMSing, and will get bad news. UGH.

  3. I could weigh 10lbs sporadically up and down throughout the day. Ignore that scale. Pay attention to how you feel, your body, your clothes fitting. You are doing GREAT Annie! I am so proud of you!