Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a Day

Yesterday was a day.  My poor hubby is sick sick sick.  He started feeling bad about 3am and it just got worse from there.  Of course both kids woke up in a grumpy mood so neither of them wanted to get ready for school/daycare.  J got in trouble for lying so he was punished and of course was crying when I dropped him off at school.  C got in trouble for not listening and plain ol' 3 year old temper and we was also crying when I dropped her off at daycare.  The day didn't get much better.  P was just sick and miserable after I got home from the dentist with C so dinner was quick and easy and asian.  I called the local Chinese restaurant and had them deliver.  Not a great dinner choice but after the day that I had I just wasnt in the mood to cook.

This morning I weighed in at the same weight I was last week.  So no weight dropped last week but I am ok with that.  I didn't get a lot of workouts in because of being sick myself.  Oh well.

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