Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh how I have wanted to see you.  It has been such a long week.  This week has been the first week in over a month that I have worked every single day.  Between illness and doctors appointments I have had been missing too much work.  I am happy that I didn't use any personal time this week.  Hopefully this trend will continue and I will be able to build up my personal leave bank again.  Keep your fingers crossed.

So the busy weekend is about to commence.  Tonight is soccer practice, tomorrow is a soccer game, a cycling yard sale, shopping for a baby shower, and a trip to the local rubber hose store (lol).  Sunday is a baby shower.  Hopefully I will be able to grab some down time and some workout time in there.  Maybe even jump on my bike for a quick ride on Saturday or Sunday morning. That would be awesome.  I miss my bike.

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  1. I miss your bike too! Hope you can ride tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend!