Thursday, February 24, 2011


Time is the most precious thing right now.  I just cannot seem to find enough of it.  The kids are getting older now so they have lots of parties, hobbies, sports and school functions to go to.  I feel like we are being pulled in all different directions.

Problem is trying to find time in there for us.  For the adults to do what we like to do.  Sounds selfish right?!  I am not trying to come across that way but lately I have been feeling very down when I realize that we will not be able to ride with the Seminole Cyclists on Saturday mornings until the end of May (at least).  J has just started league play and will have a game every Saturday morning for the next few months.  I love that he getting to do this but part of me is unhappy that Paul and I will not be able to ride. 

2 years ago I wouldn't have had a problem with this.  I was fat and happy so to speak.  The only hobby that I had was scrapbooking and being a wife and mommy.  I didn't do anything.  But now things have changed.  I have changed.  I enjoy my recreation time.  My sweat equity time.  I enjoy the feeling of working off the pounds and being around my friends.  Mostly I enjoy my time with my hubby.  Cycling has given us a hobby that we can do and enjoy together.

For now I will keep doing what we are doing.  I work out at lunch during the week because it is the only free time that I have (or I ride the trainer at home after the kiddos go to bed.)  I have secured a babysitter for Wednesday nights when daylight savings come so that Paul and I can ride during the week. :)  The weekends will be a "do whatever I can" kind of workout.  Running in the morning before a game, or cycling on a Sunday morning.  I must remember that my kids come first but momma must make some time for herself and her hubby!

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  1. sorry i've never posted before, but i do stalk you a bit on your blog. :) you look awesome, and i'm happy for you and your new love of exercise! i'm right there with you... i love to get out there and be active, and its a great example for the kiddies too. xoxo!