Wednesday, June 22, 2011

back on the wagon


I took a brisk walk during lunch today in the extreme heat.  It wasn't too bad.  I stayed on the streets with an abundance of shade.  It made it a little less like Hell.  It wasn't until I stopped to get my lunch that the sweat really started to roll.  Overall I was happy to be out of the office and working off the 5lbs of weight gain I have had since March.  I have a long way to go people.

I have my weekly Wednesday night ride tonight with St. John's Cycle.  I am looking forward to being with friends and riding my new bike again.  Tonight I might even get my name on the bike.  That will be awesome!  I missed last week because of a meeting and I didn't ride this weekend because of Mr. J and his surgery/recovery.  It is going to be fun.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  This time last year I was working towards a goal with the assistance of a coach (David Houle from D2 Cycling Center, the best coach in Central FL).  I did most of the work on my own.  I had a workout schedule to follow and lots and lots of advice from my coach but I went to gym on my own 5 days a week, I road 3 days a week and I was dedicated and it worked.  I conquered my goal in style and I lost almost 25 lbs doing it.  This year I have goals but no motivation.    I always find an excuse for not going.  Yesterday I actually told me husband it was too hot to walk to the gym and workout!  How stupid is that?!  I would be sweating my butt off at the gym anyway.  That is a grand excuse. 

If money were no object, I would love to be able to get a trainer to help me achieve my goals.  Someone that I would have to be honest with and in turn be honest with myself.  Sounds silly huh?  Why can't I be honest with myself?  I have so many goals that I have set for myself this year and the year is half over and I haven't achieved one of them.  I need guidance and words of wisdom I suppose.

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