Monday, June 13, 2011

Mar 24th 2011

March 24th 2011!  That was the last time that I was in here to post anything.  Probably around the time that life got really busy and complicated. Around the time that I gave up on fitness and healthy eating habits.  Sad I know.

Since then I have received comments from friends and acquaintances regarding starting up my blog again.  I didn't realize how many people were reading my blog and we actually drawing inspiration from it.  That makes a girl smile! :D

I am back.  100% I am back.  I am going to resume to my fitness journey.  I am going to lose the 5 pounds that I have gained back. :(

I started this past weekend with an old fashioned ride withe Seminole Cyclists. I felt so great on Saturday after my 35 mile ride that I was ready for my 38 mile ride on Sunday.  Although my legs weren't ready for the back to back rides.  I haven't done that is so long that it took a lot of effort to get myself back to the parking lot. I still managed an 18 mph average for both rides.  To me that is just impressive for an out of shape cyclist. ;)

I have a new ride that I need to introduce.

I love it!  Full carbon, great response time, light and stiff.  I just have to get used to the saddle. OUCHIE  I have a bike fit appointment tonight with David Houle from D2 Cycling so that I am going to be 100% ready for the road.  I am looking forward to it.  In the process of selling my other bike.  Hopefully I can get asking price for it.  If you know anything that is looking for a really great starter bike for an awesome price send them my way.  It is posted online here

This week is filled with lots of activities, work, minor surgery and family time.  I will be sure to make my blog a priority not only to my readers but to myself.  I need to get back to keeping myself honest about my eating and my activities.  Wish me luck.

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