Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We stick together

My little story for the day that made me smile.

I was sitting in my truck reading my book, while enjoying my turkey sandwich and carrot sticks (healthy lunch!) when a young man on a bike walked up to my window. At first he scared the crap out of me, it is a really good book and I was completely enveloped in the story.  I rolled down the window and he said hi. 

"I need a favor, please?  Can you give me a ride to the LBS down the street?" 

Me first reaction was NO.  Not just no but hell no.  I have a hard time trusting a lot of people.

"I have a flat tire and I broke my tire tool trying to change it.  I will ride in the bike of the truck if you are willing to take me down there."

I am sure that my bike being in the back of the truck was a dead give away that I was a cyclist.  I have a feeling that if it hadn't been back there he would have never asked.  What the hell, why not.  There is a new bike shop down the street in Winter Park, it was on my way back to work and it was really hot outside.  NOW if I had been really polite I probably would have just gotten a tube and my tools out and changed in the parking lot but since I was going back to work anyway I gave the man a ride.

He was very nice and was happy that he was going to make it to work ontime.  So I have earned my merit badge today.  I guess just because we don't ride the same kinds of bikes, and as much as we complain about how each of us rides we are still cyclists.  AND I found a new bike shop out of the deal.  It is a good day.

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