Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February Blogging Break

It looks as though i took a break during the month of February from blogging.  Truth is I was just lazy. ;)  Not lazy with my workouts but lazy about my blogging.

Things are going great.  I am feeling pretty good the weight it steadily coming off.  I have lost 4.5 lbs since I started my journey which isn't a lot but it is consistant and steady.  I still have a hate hate relationship with the scale but as long as the numbers keep decreasing I am ok with that. 

I just completed my lab work this week for my yearly physical.  Everything came back well in the normal range.  Even though I have 50 lbs to lose (or more), my good/bad cholesterol, triglyserides, CBC, and thyroid are all normal. :)  YEAH ME!  I even increased my good cholesterol to the normal ratings.  That makes me super happy because I don't want my doctor to tell me on Monday that I need to take fish oil like she did last year.  I HATE fish oil.  Even the burpless kind makes me feel like I had a tuna fish sandwich for breakfast.  I just can't handle that!

Workouts are going well.  I have hitting the gym 3 days a week and a taking a spin class once a week.  On the other days I have been walking or riding with the kids.  We work in the yard a lot and we just keep busy.  It helps me to stay motivated.  I am not anyway close to where I want to be physically (looking or ability) but I am getting there.  Still working on my food addiction, that has to be the hardest part.  But with baby steps I will be able to conquer that!!  HA

Next week is going to be a good week!  Even though I dread Springing Forward an hour for daylight savings, I am super stoked about getting back on my bike.  Monday and Wednesday I will be pedaling my little heart out.  I am looking forward to it and the calories that I will burn. :)  It has been a long winter for me (broken bike, feeling depressed about my body imagine, super busy with work and kiddos) and this is the break that I have been looking for.  Lets hope I don't fall over. ;)

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