Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Addicted to Food

I had a "Ah ha" moment this weekend (to quote Oprah) while having a conversation with my hubby.  His comment to me was "You are with food the way that I am with nicotine, addicted."  I think that I finally realized that he is right.  My life revolves around food.  I crave food, reward with food, talk about food, even search for food on pinterest.  I have to find a way of changing this addiction.  I need to become immune to its yumminess and its draw.

Do you think that you might be addicted to food?  Take this quiz it might be the answer.  After taking this quiz and reading a little more on the subject I have learned that too much sugar and processed carbs is part of the reason for my addiction.  It makes sense really.  Although I have been trying to cut back on everything processed over the last couple of weeks, being part of a busy family makes that hard.  Of course once you step off that slippery slop and have something like pizza for dinner (even though paired with a yummy salad), it is easy to keep falling down and really want that cheeseburger or french fries.  It is all about discipline and control. Two things I am still learning to do.

Until then I will continue to try hard. I will keep to my fruits and veggies, whole grains, low fat proteins, and lots of water.  All that will be combined with my cardio workouts, my strength training and my positive thinking.

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