Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Workouts

I had high hopes of getting a nice jog in or even a good walk with the kiddos since the weather was gorgeous but instead we worked!  Saturday we helped my mom with her sprinklers which required a bunch of digging with a shovel and by hand. A bunch of squating and walking so I figured that was a good workout.  Paul and I also picked up 15 bags on concrete for our Sunday plans.  Those are not light people.  I know that I burned some calories throwing those in the truck. 

Yesterday was a day of pouring concrete.  We were able to get one step closer to getting our front porch completed.  I cannot wait to see the finished product.  My "workout" included more digging, pulling tree roots (BIG ONES), tamping the dirt with a 20 lb tamper, lugging 80lb bags of concrete, and a lot of walking.  It felt good to work outside and get some stuff accomplished.

Funny enough I didn't log this information into My Fitness Pal as calories burned.  I am sure that moving 80lb bags of concrete is not on the strength exercise list. ;)

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  1. Yeah, you're using My Fitness Pal! Don't you love it? I can't believe I can scan food into that thing. IT IS SO COOL!!