Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bike Doctor

I am so excited to say that my bike is finally going to the Doctor today, The Frame Doctor.  Joey is going to do his magic to fix the boo boo on the top tube of my bike.  I have been jonesing to get back on my bike for weeks but due to this minor crisis I haven't been able too.  Once my baby returns from the doctor healed I will begin the training for the Tour de Cure.  I am not sure as of yet what that distance will be (30 or 60)  but I should be there. 

BIG SMILES all around!  Here's too a good season on two wheels.


  1. Great way to stay motivated! What an awesome goal. 30 or 60 what? km?

    1. 30 or 60 miles. :) I know that I can do the 30 without major issues, but since I haven't been on the bike in a few months that 60 might be a bit more of a challenge. We shall see. My bike will be ready on the 25th!!