Monday, May 24, 2010

Beginning of Week 2

As I posted in my email to my coach, I lost 2lbs last week. That is a great start!

This weekend was hard because it was a pretty laid back weekend so I had a lot of down time. Luckily the pool is nice and inviting so that helped a little bit but it was hard to stay away from the food. I did ok. Just ok. I kept up with my healthy snacks and I rode on the trainer one day and with the group on the other. That helps me feel better about the one chocolate chip cookie I had this weekend. Let me tell you how yummy that tasted. ;)

Today is day one of week 2 and I am excited! I just returned from the gym. What a great workout!! I was able complete ALL of my core work and stretching, including doing 8 hanging leg lifts (!!!!) and 8 transverse planks on each side! I wasn't able to do that last week ya'll. This is good news. I am sure that I will be sore tomorrow though. Which is all part of the process and it makes me remember that I am doing my body good.

I am going to grocery store this evening to get some supplies to make some new recipes. They sound really yummy! I am very happy that my family is so open to trying new things. Paul has even turned to eating the more healthy options. Wraps for sandwiches instead of bread/rolls, coffee is at a minimum, soda is prety much non-existant. I am really proud of him. He has started taking vitamins again too. The big kicker is that I started buying 2% milk for the house and he is open to it! I am so proud of him.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!! :)

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