Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ride Night

I am have been looking forward to ride night all week long but now... I am just tired. I had a bad day at work and I just wanna go home and curl up in bed. This stinks. I even had to cancel lunch with my bestest friend because of work that just isn't right!

I think that the hardest part about today is that I just don't wanna eat. I have zero appetite because of my mood. BUT I still ate. Whole wheat bagel and low fat cream cheese for breakfast, with a small cup of OJ, my left overs from yesterdays lunch with some more carrots for lunch with a nice big glass of green tea and I had two snacks today one being and apple and two a yogurt with fresh strawberries. ALTHOUGH I would have loved to have had the free pizza that we ordered in for lunch and about 4 of the cookies from my afternoon meeting. The temptation was there! :) But I was a good girl.

Tonight is the St. John Cycle's ride. About 19 miles at a 18mph avg pace. It should be fun minus the initial muscle soreness I will feel. Paul and Josh will be there and that is always fun.

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