Monday, May 24, 2010

Week One Check In Email to Coach!

Good morning

Week one was good! I was sore most of the week but that I expected. :) I am looking forward to week 2 starting today. I lost 2lbs last week. Not too shabby. For now I cannot think of anything that needs to be changed. I was able to complete 2 transverse planks on Friday which was a miracle for me and I am still working on the hanging leg lifts.

There are only a couple things that I struggling with, one being tired and two what foods to eat. I am eating the same things over and over again because I know that they are "safe" to eat. Getting boring. I have cooked a couple of meals and they were pretty yummy hopefully they were pretty healthy. The kiddos don't care for the brown rice but they will get used to it. ;) The weekends are harder on my food choices than the week days because I am at home.

I didn't make the ride on Saturday morning because I just plain overslept (tired!!) but I did get on the trainer for 45 mins and rode my little heart out. It is so much harder on the trainer than on a group ride! Sunday was a good ride. I felt really strong for a change. I usually feel sluggish in the mornings but this was a good day.

I think that is about it! I will let you know what else I am thinkin. ;)


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