Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yes that is the title of days journal entry, sore.

My body is sore. Only day two and I am sore. LOL Guess that means I am doing something right. It will all be worth it in the end.

Today was my lower body blast day. Some walking lunges, tabada squats and step ups to a 12"box (someone was using the 18" box and they were very stingey) mixed with some time on the eliptical machine. It was a great workout and I perspired (that's sweat people) a lot. I am just thankful that I didn't have to do any core workout today. My core doesn't like me much today. Even sitting here typing this blog entry I am thinking that it is time to get some more tylenol. ;)

Still working on the food issues. I have to think a lot right now about what I can and can't eat. What a should and shouldn't eat. It makes dinner prep harder but I know that this will all come with time. This morning I had a bowl of grapenuts (MY FAVORITE and 14g of fiber) and a big glass of water. Pear was my morning snack. Half a HUGE chicken breast sandwich with a little olive tampanade and a tossed spinach salad, carrott for a little more crunch was lunch! Then to top off my day at work I finished with a lowfat yogurt and some fresh strawberries. That helped me cool down from my workout. YUMMY! I am drinking lots of water and at least one glass of green tea a day. Amazingly enough, green tea is very yummy. Dinner will be a surprise since I will be dining at my mom's tonight. Hopefully I will find something good to eat.

I am feeling good energy wise. I am certainly not tired until I sit down at night then I sleep pretty darn good until my kids wake me up. :( Their little colds are just killers. Tonights goal is to have Paul help me take some body measurements. I want to be able to document that lose as well at the pounds.

I have been asked if I want to participate in a century ride (100 mile bike ride) at the end of this year. I think that I will do it (or attempt it anyway.) I told her that as long as the ride doesn't in 'gap' or 'horrible' I would do it. 100 miles. That is a long way. :)

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  1. Your menu is sounding pretty darn good. Keep up the hydration and I'm glad you're liking the green tea.

    When you hit the road on your Wednesday evening ride... spin it out a bit and take it easy. It's really a 'recovery' ride.

    One thing that we didn't really talk about was sleep... aim for at least 7 hours per night. Sleep is when your body kicks into repair mode. Something your sore muscles need. :o)