Monday, May 17, 2010

Day One

It is the easiest place to start. Day one.

What does that mean to me? The start of a new me. The start of something I have always wanted to do. The start of my goal to a healthier and happier person.

I have started training with David Houle from D2 Cycle I have two goals that I would like to achieve in the next 18 weeks. Goal 1, to be able to complete the Assault on Sugarloaf in Clermont, Fl. 60 miles of riding and climbing through the hills of Lake County. It is going to be a long one. ;) Goal 2, to lose about 45 lbs. I think that this might be the more difficult of the two. But I am positive that I will be able to do them.

I am armed with a training/workout schedule for the next four weeks to start and a lot of knowledge about the foods and nutrients I need to put into my body. I have learned from the week of food diary that I just completed that I am undereating. NO wonder I was so damn tired. ;) Makes sense now.

Today was day one in the gym. After a long weekend of cycling it was kind nice to do something else. Even though my body was tired my muscles weren't all that sore. But I know that this is going to change soon. I started with 5 mins on the eliptical machine at level 3 and honestly at the end of 5 minutes I was shocked that it was over. Next time I will bump it up to level 4 maybe. HR stayed under 130 the entire time. Good warm up. Next came the core work out. I was able to complete them all except for 2. The hanging leg lifts and the tranverse plank. HARD! I tried them both but I just don't have the ability to lift from my core yet. I did some extra crunches instead. I will try them again on Thursday. Finally it was stretch time. This was awesome. It felt some wonderful to stretch out. I did them all except for one. I couldn't remember how I was supposed to do it. LOL Gotta google it again to remember. It was an awesome first day at the gym. I am looking forward to it again.

So far so good with the food today too. I had to go and have blood drawn this morning at the lab so breakfast had to wait until 9:30. I stopped at subway and got one of their new sandwiches. Very yummy! Egg whites a piece of cheese, some bell pepper, onion, tomoato and cucumber. It was really good. For lunch was a chicken breast pita with lowfat swiss cheese and a piece of ham. LOADED with spinach, mushrooms, peppers and tomatos. Very good and very filling. My am snack was an apple and my afternoon stack will be a yogurt. Overall I am FULL! Lots of water today and getting ready for some green tea.

I wanna keep this blog for two reasons. The first being a place for me to come and keep track of my progress. The second so I can communicate with the blogosphere how this training really can help.

Currently I am a 34 year old woman that is 50lbs overweight and I AM going to change my life starting now.

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  1. Annie, sounds like a good start. I'd still like a little more fiber added in to the overall nutrition plan.

    As far as the Eliptical level on M&Th... these are 'rest days' for your legs, but you can do level 4 if you want. Just remember on Tuesday we're really going to blast those legs.

    On the Hanging Leg Lifts and Transverse Planks do what you can. The numbers on the training plan are a goal, substituting the extra crunches will still help your overall core strength.

    I'll check back on you each day. Coach is watching. :o)