Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beginning of week 5!

Can you even believe it?! This has got the be longest I have ever put forth this much effort to bettering myself and getting into shape. I am enjoying the extra energy that I have and most of all the 9lb weight loss that I have seen. Not too shabby.

Today was lower body blast #2 which includes using 15lb weights to do some pretty insane exercises. My legs are jello right now. LOL I will most certainly feel the burn tomorrow afternoon. I figure that soreness will start to come about the time that I am getting ready to go for my 18 mile bike ride tomorrow night. :) We shall see. I will update you because I am sure that you would all like to know.


  1. There's always room for Jello. Keep up the good work. Since you missed it last week... how about some hills next weekend?

  2. Sounds like a plan. Paul was just mentioning it last night going out there on Saturday instead of the normal SC Lake Mary ride.