Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hill Repeats

Last night I didn’t do my normal WWW St. John’s ride.  I did miss riding with my peeps but I needed to get some hill training in.  It wasn’t too horrible.  I am feeling a lot stronger than I used to when it comes to inclines but I am no where near feeling like superman yet.

I left from my house last night and rode 6 miles out towards the airport.  The only “hill” that is close to my house is the overpass on Heintzelman Blvd that goes over the 528.  I know that it is sad to think that I am doing hill training on a overpass but it seems to work.  I felt a lot of burning in my quads all the while I was repeating to myself, push and pull the pedals, push and pull the pedals.  Amazingly enough it worked.  It also kept my mind off the fact that I was climbing the incline.  I made it to the top in record time!  (for me anyway)  The way down was a lot more fun but it was short lived because of the red light at the bottom.  OF course I hit the red light.  On ever repeat that I did (4 of them) I found the red light.  What a pain in the butt.  LOL

In all I did 4 repeats of the overpass and 19.5 miles.  I averaged 16 mph amazingly enough.  That was will a horrible headwind on the way out and down Heintzelman’s and a wonderful tailwind on the way back.  Mother Nature did play a cruel game on me though.  I was the furthest point out on my ride when I started to get sprinkled on.  As refreshing as it felt I was really concerned that I was going to get caught in a downpour.  Thankfully it held off until I get back to the house.  I love you Mother Nature.

I did pretty good last night.  I still am worried about the strength that I am lacking when it comes to climbing the hills or even pulling a slight incline.  I am just hoping that in the next few weeks as the weight continues to come off and the strength training continues that I will find a little more confidence in my ability.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Today is my rest day and so far I am loving it.  I had a nice picnic lunch with a book and tonight I will be working on cleaning up the pool for a big graduation party we are having for my niece on Saturday.  Who knows I might even be able to stay awake until Paul gets home from work.

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