Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 4

I shouldn’t wait this long between updates to my blog. Things are busy busy busy around here. Lots of family time and lots of work outs. Both good things but it means that I have been slacking on my blog. tisk tisk tisk

I happy announce that in 3 weeks I have lost 8lbs. I feel really good about that!! Very good about that!! I am well on my way to my goal weight. I am interested to see what comes in the next few weeks as my workouts get harder.

This week began week 4 of training. Core workouts increase by 2 and I started running on the treadmill! Yes you read that right. Today I officially RAN on the treadmill. Not for very long but I was doing minute intervals at 5mph (12min mile pace) down to 4mph. It was hard ya’ll. Even though I have increased my cardio health in the last few months it was still hard to run. I have NEVER been a runner. EVER! Ask anyone who has known me. I was semi nervous about it (mostly because I didn’t want to fall off the treadmill.) I was very excited to be done and happy that I was able to accomplish what I did. Next time I will try to run longer. Who knows one day I might even do that 5K?! maybe

This weekend I go back to Clermont to the hills. I am just sick to my stomach thinking about it. I have been having trouble sleeping this week. I want to be a better climber. I want to be able to go out there and excel at climbing but I am scared to death of the pain that this climbing brings! My quads and butt are already hurting just remembering the last time that I was there. Hopefully this time will be better. I am 8lbs lighter and a lot stronger (I think!) I just want to be able to get some sleep between now and then.

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