Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who Knew

I didn't think that yesterday when I posted how sore I was that it would get worse today. I have zero appetite. I can barely move. It sucks. ;) At least I know that just like the saying goes, No pain No gain. I have to pain so I should receive the gain right? Buck up Annie. Stop whining.

Today's workout will be all cardio. Eliptical and treadmill. Hopefully by the time that 12:30 comes around I will be able to put my shoes on. ;)

Last night my bike ride was rained out. I was really bummed. I was looking forward to it. Hanging with friends and cycling is a great pairing. Wednesday is my night out! Oh well. I came home had some dinner and relaxed for a while until it was time to put kiddos to bed. Then I hoped on the trainer. I rode my little heart out spinning as best I could. I will not lie, it hurt. A little work out at home while watching the Tour de Suisse. I pretended that I was riding with Lance and Levi. It was actually fun. :) That will be the only time that I will ever ride with those guys.

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  1. Annie... For Friday, if need be just do one set of Core work and spend the additional time stretching. Stay loose before riding this weekend. If you're still sore on Saturday morning spin it out in the 39 (small chainring) rather than doing the LSD session.

    I had figured you'd be a little beat... looking at the training plan I did not have you doing the Lower Body Blast next Tuesday. :o)