Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beginning of Week 3!!

Good afternoon blog followers!! :) (OR lack thereof! LOL) I am happy to report that as of this morning I have successfully lost 6 pounds. GO ME! This is mostly in thanks to my fabulous coach and trainer, David Houle owner of D2 Cycle. So far he has taught me how and what I need to eat and what exercises I need to do in order to increase my strength and my metabolism. With his guidance I have been able to come this far. I know that I am going to a much healthier and skinnier person when my 18 weeks is complete.

This week begins my hill interval training. On Wednesdsay evening I will be going out to the closest hill that I have to me and completing several repeats up and down the hill. The funny part of this is my hill is the 528 overpass on Heinztelman Blvd. at the new Goldenrod extension into around Orlando International Airport. I can't help that I live in Orange County and everything here is flat! :) It is a good place to start and I am looking forward to riding close to home. 5.5 miles out and 5.5 miles back. Some hill training in the middle and a circuit of Heintzelman's to follow.

My smile for the weekend came while I was on my ride Saturday. Paul and I rode out with a small group (8 riders) on a special ride for a little boy named Caden, Caden Epps Caring Bridge. Caden is 2 years old and ran out in front of a car and is now paralized from the chest down. The Seminole Cyclists were raising money to support him and his family on their journey. I am so proud to say that we were able to raise $1700 and two airplane tickets for Caden. While on our ride I learned pretty quickly that I was not the least experienced rider in the group. Halfway through the ride I worked my way up to the front. For the first time ever I was able to pull a line of riders at 20mph for 3 miles. :) I felt amazing. You couldn't have wiped the smile off of my face.

Today's workout made me smile again! I did a total of 38 minutes on the eliptcal machine (including a 3 minutes cool down.) I was able to complete a 5K in 34 minutes. Not too shabby. It really makes me wonder if I would be able to jog a 5K? Maybe in the fall I will find a nice fun 5K to test this theory out. Maybe

Only 15 more weeks until the Assault on Sugarloaf. Even though I am still somewhat scared about climbing the hills on my bike I am feeling a teeny tiny bit more confident that I will be able to accomlish it in record time.

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