Friday, July 23, 2010

Ready for the weekend!

It is Friday ya'll! This is the best news I have heard all day long. :) I am looking forward to it. Lots of time with my family and friends. No work for two days. Hopefully that rain stays away from us and the wind is at our back's for riding.

Finished my return week to the gym strong today. I didn't get to lunch until late today which meant that I practically had the gym to myself. It was really nice. Felt awesome today. The quads are still a little sore but they are getting better. The core workout is getting easier (NOT EASY) but easier. I still sweat buckets and still find a couple of the exercises very hard to do but I am getting there. Again the best part was the stretch at the end. It was sooooo nice.

I have a couple bike rides this weekend where I am kicking up the distance for the first time. I just hope that weather cooperates. I should have almost 100 miles of riding under my belt come Sunday afternoon. Lots of calories burned and lots of practice for the century season coming up. :)

I wish everyone a great weekend. Enjoy yourself whatever you are doing!

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