Thursday, July 29, 2010

Runnning post #2

Today was much better. I still am no fan of running but I felt better. I was able to complete 10 run/walk fast intervals. With a warm up and cool down included I was able to run/walk 2.1 miles in 30 minutes. I felt a lot stronger. I never realized that there was a technique to running though. Slowly but surely it is getting better. My arse is sore I am sure that I will feel it more tomorrow.

I have to thank my coworker Diane for being dressed out ready to go to the gym at our normal time. I have little to no desire to walk in the 100 degree heat to the gym to run for 30 minutes then walk back. But since she was ready to go I got it in gear and off we went. I always feel better once I am done. :) :)

I am working on putting together some before and after pictures for a photo blog. I can already see a big difference between the start and now. I cannot wait to see the difference in September when I am done with this phase. Then it is off to a new phase of training. I think the next one is going to be a century ride!!

ETA: No side cramps today! I focused on my breathing a lot today and drank a whole bottle of water. Coach, I know that you will be happy. :)

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  1. Annie, what do you eat for energy before a ride and/or a workout? I want to try something new.