Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week in Review

I am bad at this updating thing. I was going to come in here days ago and update but I got really busy at work and I didn't get around to it. Today is a much better day.

So since last Friday I have gotten my voice back and I am feeling much better.

It was a blistering hot weekend in Central Florida but we made do. Sunday I took a ride through Lake County. All the while trying to not cough up a lung. I was still feeling kinda icky on Sunday and still had very little voice but something (someone) made me get out of bed and go riding. I am really glad that I did. I was toast by the time that I returned from the 40 miles but I had a couple of accomplishments for the day. I climbed The Wall faster than I have ever done before and I completed a 40 mile loop. Neither one I have done before. Pretty cool.

Monday it was back to the gym during lunch time. I felt pretty darn good actually. I flew through my core workout with no problems. I am able to do all the exercises assigned now. It takes some effort but they get done.

Tuesday was my lower body blast day. UGH! That is just so hard to do. Someone of the exercises make you question why you are doing them in the first place. They also remind you how sore they are going to make you feel the next day. At least my goal is still intact so I was able to complete them, my cardio warm up and cool down and of course my stretching. I LOVE stretching! :) It feels good and it reminds me that I am DONE for the day. YES!

Wednesday is my fun day. My cycling day! I look forward to this day every week. Last night though the weather was looking a little iffy and the wind.... oh the wind! It was awful. We made it about half way through the ride and turned the train around. The sky was pitch black and we still had 3 more miles to ride out before we were supposed to turn around. We all had that feeling that if continues to ride that we were going to get soaked or worse struck by lightening. I ended up only getting 8 miles in last night but I had to ride so hard into the headwind that my heartrate averaged 161 bpm!!! I got my work out in a very short amount of time. AWFUL! OH and it never did rain. sigh

So that leads me to today. 30 minutes of cardio in the gym. 12 minutes on the eliptical at 11 mph (I averaged 10.5mph) and then 18 on the treadmill. HA I didn't do some hot on the treadmill. I would speed walk and jog in intervals. I couldn't keep the jog going. My legs are super sore still from Tuesday and my heart was trying to escape from my chest. Hopefully I will get better at this but today was just not a lot of fun. Running is for the birds.... and cheetas..... and greyhounds.

Tomorrow is Friday, that is the best news of the day!

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